The thing that makes Arc Stories great is our storytellers.

We say it at every event: EVERYONE has great stories, and ANYONE can tell a story well.

They come from all walks of life: people who got the tiniest bit liquored up and stepped up to the mic, or people who took a deep breath and got brave. You can do it. Some of our storytellers are professionals, but most aren't. The only common factor we all share is being a human, and like we said all humans have stories.

After you submit your story to our Story Portal, the Arc Stories Team combs through each entry, making sure we choose the perfect stories for each event. We get a lot of stories, and we can't pick 'em all, or we'd be listening to folks spin yarns well into the early morning hours.

And we won’t just throw you up there without a little help. Our Story Coaches work with each storyteller to help craft their story into the best it can be. We've got great fans who want more than anything for you to succeed. Everyone is rooting for you. We know you've got the perfect story. So pitch your story, and let's make this crazy thing happen.

Here are some helpful tips for submitting your story:
- We want to know the story. What happened? The beginning, middle, and the end. 

- Keep it brief, no need to go into all of the details here - we'll get to that later. 

- Don't leave us with a cliffhanger...tell us how it ends.

- After you've told us what happens, be sure to tell us in one sentence how this story changed you (if it did).

You can fill out the form or send us a 90 second pitch of your story via audio recording. Pick your poison.

Name *
Give us a quick title so we can reference it when we talk about how great it is.
Check out the tips above, and then type your summary here. Keep it brief. Aim for 5 - 7 sentences.
We use this for promotional purposes if your story is chosen for an event. We're looking for Instagram or Twitter, but if you don't use social media, no worries! We still want your story!