The Season Ticket Package for 2019 is a general admission ticket to all nine of our 2019 Flagship events. It guarantees your entry into each event with seating in our Reserved Premium area. Flagship events are typically held at the Avon Theater unless otherwise noted. Events often sell out, and we don't do assigned seats. With a Season Ticket you don' have to worry about shows selling out OR getting their early enough to find a good seat. 

Dates included in this package: February 9, March 2, April 5, May 11, June 8, August 3, September 20, October 25, and December 6 (dates are subject to change)

See FAQs below for additional details.

FYI, this season ticket won't get you into the Nov. 30, 2018 event, for those tickets click here

Arc Stories features true, personal stories told live in front of an audience by the people who lived them.

No notes. No props.

Just regular people, telling great stories. 


The Season Tickets Package for 2018 guarantees your entry to all 9 of our 2018 Flagship events with reserved seating.* Flagship events are typically held at the Avon Theater unless otherwise noted. 

Months included in this package: February, March, April, May, June, August, September, October, and December. 

See FAQs for additional Season Ticket details. 

*In order to have reserved seating, you must redeem your tickets by midnight the night before each event. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get my 2018 Season Tickets?

After you purchase your 2018 Season Tickets Package, you will receive a unique Eventbrite Code to redeem your tickets for each individual event. To redeem, use this code by clicking "Enter a Promotional Code" on the ticket sales page of each event to generate your ticket. You may print the event ticket/s or use your mobile device to gain access to each Arc Stories event. (Note: You will need this Eventbrite Code to validate your season tickets for each individual event.) You must redeem your 2018 Season Tickets by midnight the night before the event to ensure you will have a reserved seat. If you do not redeem your tickets by that time, you will be admitted into the event but we cannot guarantee you a seat. 


I like to buy VIP tickets, how come there's not a VIP Season ticket? 

If you're familiar with our events, you know that we always partner with a non-profit to sell VIP tickets. The proceeds from those VIP tickets go to benefit the non-profit for the night. This year we've decided to not offer a VIP SEASON TICKET to keep things simple. However, if you buy a general admission season ticket, AND you're STILL DYING to give additional funds to our partner non-profits, let us know. We'll make it happen for you. 


Can I purchase the 2018 Season Tickets as a gift?

Absolutely. Be sure to email so we can change the ticket holder name. We will also need an email address for the new ticket holder name in order for them to receive the event code needed for each event throughout the 2018 season. All this to say, if you're wanting to give them as a gift, email's easy. Just email us, and we'll walk you through the 3 step process. 


What events are included with the 2018 Season Tickets?

The Season Tickets for 2018 are for all 9 of our 2018 Flagship events. Flagship events are typically held in the Avon Theatre in the following months: February, March, April, May (at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens), June, August, September, October, and December. The package guarantees your entry into each event with seating in our reserved area.*


What events are not included in the 2018 Season Tickets Package?

Corporate Spotlight events are not included in this package. Throughout the year, Arc Stories partners with other orginzations to produce events, such as our Lifeline (January 2018), and the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival (Aug. 2018), to host Spotlight events. Spotlight Event tickets are sold seperately.


What if I purchase the 2018 Season Tickets Package but can't attend an event?

If you're unable to attend one of the Flagship events for which you hold a season ticket, you can always share the ticket with a friend, collegue, or gift them back to us and we'll give them away on social media. If you have questions? Email


Why won't you tell us the specific dates for all 9 of the events?

Great question! Birmingham is a busy city, with tons going on. We like to feel out the dates...and place them on dates where it is best for eveyone involved (us, our storytellers, the non-profits, sponsors, etc.) 

Plus football schedules aren't usually released until the spring...we'd be crazy to lock in Saturday nights for next fall know...this is Alabama.


Will I get to select my seat? 

The purchase of either 2018 Season Ticket, VIP or General Admission, allows you to pick any seat event night, but we will be reserving a premium group of seats for ALL of our VIP Ticket Holders. In addition, we'll be saving a group of great seats right behind the VIPs for all of our Season Ticket holders. There are no individually assigned seats. However, our events do tend to sell out, so this ticket ensures your entry into the event no matter what time you arrive and a reserved seat as long as you redeem your tickets by midnight the night before the event. Also, the purchase of season tickets will allow you to go through the Advance Ticket Line the night of the event. So, you should be through the door and on your merry way faster than those paying at the box office.


What is the refund policy for this? 

All season tickets sales are final. If you purchase tickets and later find out that you are unable to attend the event, please contact us at - we'll help you find them a great home.


What if I have additional questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at Be sure to check out our website and Facebook page as well.

*In order to have reserved seating, you must redeem your tickets by midnight the night before each event.